Instrument Making WorkshopsITEMM, Le Mans, July 9

Programme : A group, B group


ITEMM, the European technological institute for musical professions and partner of the symposium, is inviting you to partake in a musical instrument arts & craft workshop. Join in and learn more about sound engineering or how to manipulate, take to pieces, tune, fine-tune guitars, pianos, woodwind instruments, brass wind instruments and accordions. 

- Workshop 1: Hands on, hands in an accordion!

- Workshop 2: Find out about the sound engineering universe

- Workshop 3: Discover the mechanics and the tuning of a piano

- Workshop 4: Take to pieces a woodwind instrument: not as easy as it sounds

- Workshop 5: What is behind the dent removal and fine tuning of a brass instrument?

- Workshop 6: Fine-tuning a guitar? It requires more than you think!


Itemm stands for the "European technological institute for musical professions". It is one of Europe’s leading schools for education on all technical aspects of musical instruments: repairing, tuning, restoration and the creation of guitars, wind instruments, pianos and accordions, also providing training to students on the technical aspects of sound and the music industry. As a European organization which is unique in the world, our institute develops interconnections between the musical instrument industry in France and abroad.

Access to ITEMM :